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GMOs 리서치 페이퍼 , GMOs 리서치 페이퍼자연과학레포트 , GMOs 리서치 페이퍼
English 201
Final Paper
Is It Safe or Not
The facts of Genetically Modified Organism
What should we do for genetically modified food and what is the solution These days, our gene technology is developed. Developing technologies not only helps our lives, but also make it convenient and cozy. Gene technology finally made genetically modified organism foods a lot. Genetically modified organisms (GMO ) are foods researchers change and control the gene of plant and organism. Sometimes, they engraft only the strength of two or more same type of organism for benefit. For example, when people plant GMO rice, the farmers can get more ears of rice than before. GMO`s were generally created to prevent pests from coming and infesting the plants. Another reason GMO`s are created is in order to make plants and animals tougher and more human friendly than other plants and animals. Lastly, most people take in genetically modified foods, but they cannot recognize it. GMOs can be easily found on…(skip)
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GMOs 리서치 페이퍼



GMOs 리서치 페이퍼



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